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While Preparing For The Interview

It is advised to research about the company for whom you are going to for the interview. Employers show interest in candidates posing intelligent questions and striking intelligent conversation with the interviewer based on their knowledge about the organization. Candidates who are caught unawares about the company—what its core area is and what position is being offered—score negatively with the interviewer.
A recent survey confirms that employers say the most common ­deficiency among job candidates is that they don’t know much about the company. If you are preparing for an interview, you can find a lot of information about many companies, including links to their websites (and information about products and services) online.


Getting Firm on Facts Before Interview

  • Important people in the company
  • Major products manufactured or services provided
  • Size in relation to turnover and employees
  • Locations
  • Organizational structure of the company
  • Major competitors
  • Opinion of clients, vendors and competitors about the ­company
  • Recent media reports about the company

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