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We know today that if you make dynamic designs in your mind of how you wish to behave, your will, like an invincible current, pour into the patterns you have created and give yourself a magnetic vigour for the fulfilment of your desires. The will obeys the thought patterns or mental pictures in your mind and operates as they command.

— David Seabury

A careful study of the model interviews given here, coupled with some more effort on the part of the candidate, can be taken ­almost as a guarantee of success. The questions and answers given here are based on the feedback received from the candidates who have ­appeared in these interviews. These model interviews will ­familiarize you with the type of discussion and conversation ­during these ­interviews. ­ Psychotherapist Alan Loy McGinnis once asked a world-class ­marksman about the qualities that make for success in that sport. “The secret is mental conditioning,” he replied. ­“Every day, I play a movie in my head in which I see myself shooting a perfect score.” These model interviews are meant for your mental ­conditioning.
You are likely to find some of these questions or discussions in whatever interview you are preparing for. Since many ­interviewers use the same basic questions disguised in different forms, you can plan ­impressive replies in advance taking hints from these model ­interviews and feel more relaxed before you face the actual ­interview.

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