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Man is usually credited with being the only tool-making and tool-using animal…. Man’s first concern with tools was perhaps with their usefulness as an extension of his more overt muscular ­powers. But soon he developed crude devices to guide and ­extend his observations and to check them objectively.

—George A. Lundberg


Questions asked during interviews are the tools used by inter-viewers to try to penetrate the candidates’ personalities and analyse their psychological traits and behaviour, their knowledge about areas of specialization and their applicability, and the level of their general awareness in order to determine their suitability for the job. ­Although it is not possible to compile an exhaustive list of questions that are usually asked in interviews in this small book, an earnest ­effort has been made to generalize some of the most commonly asked questions in order to enable you to prepare them beforehand. Note the following broad classifications of interview questions before we go to specimen questions and their suggested answers.


MYTH: The best interviewers use behavioural based questions.
FACT: These questions assume that future behaviour can be predicted from prior behaviour. Interviewers can ask these types of question to determine if the job candidate has the abilities and knowledge to do the job in question.

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