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Mechanics of A Good Résumé

Let us now look at some factors relating to the mechanics of the ­résumé. Obviously, you want your résumé to make an excellent ­appearance. Therefore, you must arrange it for attractiveness as well as easy reading. If you make effective use of display techniques, you will enhance the readability of the information you are giving. Once you have listed all the vital information discussed above and prepared the draft of your résumé, keep in mind the following points for final writing or typing of your résumé.

Type and Size of Paper

Always write or type your résumé on good quality, watermarked, rag-content bond paper (which is slightly heavy or thick). It has a clean, crisp feel and your writing or typing stands out more clearly. Furthermore—and you will agree that this is important—it is easiest to make neat corrections on paper of good quality.
As far as the size of paper is concerned, it is recommended to use standard-sized business paper sheet measuring about 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches. Smaller-size papers get lost among the files, while ­extra-large sheets peep out of the files.

Leave Sufficient Margin Space

Keep in mind the rule about leaving adequate margins to provide an attractive amount of white area on all the four sides of the sheet. Ensure that your left-hand margin is slightly more than your right-hand, top and bottom margins. This is to facilitate punching holes for filing purposes.

Number of Sheets

Firstly, never use both sides of the paper for writing your résumé. It is better to make the résumé as brief as possible so that it can be accommodated in one page or maximum two pages. As explained earlier, employers have no time to scan through long résumés.

Make Headings and Sub-headings Easy to Read

Write or type your main headings in capital letters, either centred or at the left margin. Minor headings or sub-headings can then be in lower case or smaller letters and underlined.


MYTH: If you want a really good résumé, have it prepared by a résumé service.
FACT: You have the skills needed to prepare an effective résumé, so prepare it yourself—unless the position is especially for a high level or too specialized. Even then, you should check carefully before using a service.

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