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Resume Of Sales Executive

Snigdha Choudhary is a sales person having 3 years experience of a sales executive. She has worked with 4 companies. 

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Resume of Senior Sales and Marketing Executive in Domestic & International Sale

Mahipal Batra, a senior sales and marketing executive, holds the experience of domestic and International sales/marketing. He has given an excellent contribution in the growth of his organizations. Let's  have a look on his resume.

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Resume of academic counsellor

Samina Khan is an academic counsellor for student-athletes in a university. Have a deep insight on her profile.

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Resume Of Telecommunication Engineer

Rajeev Verma is a telecommunication Engineer who hs 7 years experience in design and telecommunication engineer.

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Resume of Associate Chartered Accountant

Vikram Singh is an Associate Chartered Accountant with three years of rich industry experience and horizontal exposure in finance activities in the world’s largest ­media house. Let's have a look on his resume.

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Resume of personal secretary

Abhishek Gupta is a 10 years experience Personal Secretary and ­Stenographer with various companies of national and international repute.

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Resume Of Mechanical Engineer

Rahul Mishra is a Mechanical Engineer who has 3 years industry experience. He is pursuing M.E. in CAD/CAM & Robotics (Jan 2005 onwards) from Bundelkhand Engineering College, Jhansi and has passed his B.E. in Production Engineering (1997-2001) from BITS, Pilani (secured 69.3% marks).

Let's have look on his resume.

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Resume Of Administrative Assistant

Pooja Arora is an admin assistant with five years of experience in making contacts with public/answering phones; travel/meeting planning etc.

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Resume Of Sales Manager

Rohit Singh is a sales manager with thirteen years’ experience supervising, training and motivating sales staff; planning sales strategies; managing a multi-state territory, and increasing sales revenues. 

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