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Analysing The Candidate’s Psychological ­Make-Up Through Behaviour

This is the next step of the interview process which begins after the initiation and happens before the summing up of the interview. As mentioned in the beginning, your personality plays a ­vital role in your succeeding in an interview, and the interviewer or the board may try to analyse every aspect of your behaviour. Your way of entering the hall, walking in, sitting before the board and walking out of the interview hall are some of the factors through which the interviewer is able to determine your ­suitability for the job.
Cross-questioning is one of their ways of analysing your behaviour. After the chairman has put a question and before you are able to answer, one or two members of the board may intervene either to explain the question put by the chairman or just ask another related question. This is where your psychological make-up is analysed and tested. If any member puts a question which is different from the first question being asked by the chairman, you may politely say, “Sir, I will come to that in a little while. Let me answer the first question please.” This will depict your confidence and ability to handle a barrage of questions.


What is the population of India according to the last census report?
(Before you are able to answer, one of the members interrupts, saying)
Member 1
In which year was the last census conducted?
(In the meanwhile another member intervenes and says)
Member 2
What means do you suggest to check the population growth in India?
In this example you will note that the three questions, all inter-­related, have been put one after the other.
You have to be attentive to ensure that you have understood the three questions put to you. While answering each of the questions, don’t forget to look directly towards the chairman who asked the first question and subsequently towards each of the members who intervened to indicate that you remember who asked what.
Here it is recommended that you should politely tell each member, “Sir, I will come to your question after answering the first question.” Then you should address the chairman and answer his question since he has put the first question. If the chairman does not question you further, you answer Member No. 1 and then Member ­No. 2. Such cross-questioning is often done to assess your alertness and self-confidence.

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