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Arriving At A Conclusion

The closing is generally mixed in with the feedback and might go something like this, “Thanks for coming in to see us. I’m going to review your file and then I have a few more people to interview. So we’ll be in touch with you within the next few weeks.” So the ­interview is concluded and the interview board assigns marks against each of the following personality traits:
  • Overall appearance
  • Academic level
  • Intelligence
  • Ability to convince
  • Self-confidence
  • Overall behaviour
Each member makes his/her own comments and assessment, and submits the paper to the chairman. The chairman then tallies his own assessment with that of the members and the candidate scoring the highest marks is finally selected.
Sometimes, a candidate is required to submit a résumé of his/her interview discussion for which separate marks are assigned. The technique of writing the résumé is explained in Chapter 7 along with suitable examples.
In all interviews, be specifically alert to leave-taking cues. It is ­important that you recognize when the interviewer is saying the ­interview is over. Generally, it is best not to try to prolong the ­interview after clear leave-taking cues are given.

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