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Summing Up Or Winding Up Process

This is the last stage of the interview process. Try to be consistent in your opinion because in this final stage of the interview, the first one or two main questions may be repeated in a different manner to gauge how consistent and firm you are in your attitudes. You have to make sure that your answers are along the same lines throughout and you take the same stand which you had taken in the beginning of the interview.
The chairman may ask other members if they want to know something more from you. If the members say that they have nothing to ask, do not get up unless you are asked to leave by the chairman. You should wait for the final instructions from the chairman before leaving.
At this stage, the interviewer may provide some basic feedback to you. Usually, the feedback comes in the form of some positive comments and perhaps a summary of some significant part of the interview like, “It was a pleasure meeting you. You sure seem like a person who thinks thoroughly before making decisions.”
When the chairman says that you can go, then get up and thank the chairman and all the members of the board. Leave the hall with confidence and while leaving do not look back. Don’t forget to close the door while going out of the interview hall.


(Addresses the members of the interview board and says)
Is there anything else you would like to discuss with Mrs Gupta?
No, that’s enough we think.
(Candidate keeps sitting without giving any indication that she is either in a hurry or in a state of tension and wants to leave the room as early as possible.)
All right, Mrs Gupta that will be all. You may go now, please.
(Takes her papers and file and gets up) Thank you, sir.

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