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Checklist For Covering Letter

  •   Ensure that you date your letter.
  •   Give your complete mailing address on the top right-hand ­margin.
  •   Ensure that you sign the letter and let the ink dry before you fold it.
  •   Check the box-no. once again in the advertisement before mailing your letter.
  •   Re-reading the résumé as well as the covering letter is important. Ensure that there is no error.
  •   Properly attach your résumé to the covering letter. The letter should be on the top. Never use paper clips or paper pins. ­Always neatly staple it on the top left-hand side.
  •   Indicate at the end of your covering letter that the résumé has been enclosed, using the abbreviation as follows: Encl: a/a (that is, as above)
            Encl: Résumé
  •   Do not send your application on the same day on which the advertisement has appeared. It is always better to send the ­application three to four days after the advertisement, firstly, because it will arrive after the main flood of applications has been received and scanned, and will stand a better chance of being short-listed. Secondly, it will not give the impression that you are eagerly looking for a change.
  •   Always use an appropriate size of envelope and ensure that the contents do not touch the glued part.
  •   Ensure that minimum folds are made. For this it is better to use a large commercial-size envelope.
MYTH: Use template-driven letters formats to write the covering letters.
FACT: Personalized letters that tell something about you and your personality are crucial. Never send out form letters. Employers can identify form letters as such. Form letters give a bad impression and can derail a candidate’s opportunity. So, when you write a covering letter on paper or email, just personalize them.

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