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Important Dos After The Interview

  •  What went well during the interviewing process? What could you have done better? The point is not to berate yourself for what you did or did not say. You merely want to make sure you keep doing the things that worked—and working on what didn’t—so you can face your next interview.
  •  Did the interviewer have any questions that you could clarify through your résumé? Did you find yourself talking about accomplishments you forgot to include? If so, now is the time to revise you résumé before you send it out again.
  •  If a colleague or former associate referred you to the company or arranged a personal introduction with the interviewer or hiring manager, be sure to drop that person a note of thanks as well.
  •  The hiring process can move at a snail’s pace in corporate sector. Often, the larger the corporation, the slower the pace. So don’t panic if a week or two passes before you hear anything. No news may be good news. If time stretches on, it’s okay to call to find out if the job has been filled. Use the opportunity to remind the employer of your interest and qualifications.
  •  Never accept an offer at the time it is tendered. Take a day or two to think about it. Tell the interviewer when you will announce your decision. If you do decide to refuse the offer, politely tell the employer why you don’t feel you can accept the position.
  •  You made it through one of life’s more stressful experiences with flying colours. You’ve proven you’re a real pro. Now you’re on your way.
MYTH: Restating job terms in your acceptance letter is not needed.
FACT: This will insure no miscommunication or translation of the key terms of a job offer. Be sure to cover all bases here.

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