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The Thank-You Letter For The Interview

You have had the interview with the prospective employer. One more short letter, to thank your prospective employer for the ­interview, may be the one that proves to be the clincher; it serves as a ­reminder of your qualities and the initial impression the interviewer had formed of you.
A follow-up thank-you letter to the interviewer is an important step in the interviewing process, one that candidates often forget to take. Sending such a letter is not only proper business etiquette, but it also makes you stand out from the other candidates competing for the same position. Write your thank-you letter as soon as possible after the interview.
So, you writing a thank you note for the interview may be the “extra” that gets the job for you. Be alert enough to remember the name of the person who conducted the interview and his correct title, and your thank-you letter must be addressed to him only.


MYTH: Keeping length of letters to single page is not good idea. You should use the opportunity to put your best foot forward. Talk at length about yourself in the letter.
FACT: Write clearly and concisely. Letters, like résumés, only present the most critical information. Wait until the job interview to further expand on your qualifications and qualities.

Components of the Follow-up Thank-you Letter

Your thank-you letter can be typed in a business letter format or handwritten using a pre-printed thank you note. The letter or note should express appreciation for the opportunity to be interviewed, to tour the facilities, to meet other employees, etc. You might also want to write about the following:
Mention the day of your interview and the position for which you were interviewed.
  • Express continued interest in the position and the company.
  • Re-emphasize your most important skills and qualifications and how you expect to contribute to the organization.
  • Include any information you forgot to mention in the interview if necessary, but be brief.
  • Close your letter with a comment about future contact with the employer.
The letter should not only express your gratitude for the chance to be considered for the position, but, it should, just like the initial cover letter you sent, emphasize one of your key strengths. It should also mention something you or the interviewer said. Most importantly, the follow-up letter should let the “real you” show through. After all, you are now writing to somebody you’ve met and who, presumably, has gotten to know you pretty well.

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