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General Personality Traits

These include:

  • Appearance
  • Speech, mannerisms and gesticulation
  • Mental alertness
  • Consistency of thought and ideas
  • Type of approach (positive/negative)
  • Leadership qualities

Knowledge and Intelligence

These include knowledge of the candidate’s subject of specialization, applicability of the subject in day-to-day life, knowledge about other general subjects, IQ and common sense.
There is no reason to panic if one is lacking in one or more of these qualities. All these can be suitably developed in a step-by-step ­manner and one can improve one’s personality to a great ­extent. However, there is no short-term course to train you for the interview. You have to develop the required qualities through a conscious effort. We are not outrightly contradicting Darwinists, such as Herbert Spencer and Francis Calton, who advocated that intelligence and personality are inherited qualities. Darwinists ­believe that only intelligent parents will have intelligent ­children and, therefore, children coming from average families cannot be ­successful in this competitive world because they have not ­inherited intelligence and personality from their parents.
However, being convinced by ­Alfred Binets and Spearman—the famous psychologists who ­believed in environmental development of intelligence and human personality—we can outline some measures to ­improve one’s personality. We do not hold that personality is a product of heredity; we believe it can be developed by proper “training”, just like any other skill. By following the suggestions given in the following chapters, one can easily overcome one’s shortcomings and improve one’s personality. Towards this end, let us begin with ­defining the term “personality”.

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