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In modern times it is possible for an individual to live a major part of his life in private and to wear a mask or hide behind a protective wall of anonymity. It is the task of the interviewer to penetrate behind this protective mask and arrive at an understanding of underlying attitudes.
—Pauline V. Young
In any form of an interview the main objective is to allow for an exchange of information between both the candidate and the ­interviewer or the company. The idea is to make the interviewer ­determine as to how well the candidate fits the position/company or vice-versa.
A candidate would want to impress the interviewer with his/her background (i.e., education, previous employment/positions, and hobbies) and look to match up to the requisites of the position he/she has applied for with these. The candidate’s résumé will do the initial task by giving the interviewer some indication of how well the candidate is suited to the requirements of the company, but during interview the candidate will be expected to present these capabilities in an impressive manner and be able to emphasize his/her claim with good communication skills. The communication skills (oral, written and non-verbal) of the candidate will be evaluated closely and the interviewer will expect that these are demonstrated efficiently. Other functional and technical skills critical to the position/company will also be evaluated, along with what extra research has been done by the candidate on the position and the needs of the organization.
This chapter will help you familiarize yourself with various interview formats and prepare yourself to ask questions at the interview and to conduct proper follow-ups.

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